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Monday, April 14, 2008

Yarn Junkie!

Yipee! I got my ever so fabulous Yarn Junkie! package. Rena sent me this…


Wow! I adore STR, and here is a lush skein in colorway Red Rock Canyon. It is pretty sweet and now I will be on the hunt for the perfect pattern for it. Rena also sent me a set of note cards, so I guess the first one will be sent out to her. Thank you, Rena!

I haven’t had much time for knitting this past two weeks. School for me, kids, and soccer have eaten up most of my time. However, here is where I am on the Nutkins…


One is complete, and the other is started. I have completed the cuff and I have started the first repeat. I love this pattern, because it is super easy. Now, I need to finish them before the dreaded SSS comes to get them!

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Early Spring

I have had a really great month. It flew by so quick! Since my last post at the beginning of the month, I had my Pathology final, the kids were all on their spring break, I had a huge yard sale, and early Easter. Whew! What a month.

First off, not only did I do well in Pathology, but I actually Aced my final exam!! 100!!! I couldn’t believe it, and apparently there have only ever been a handful of students to make a 100. I was pretty thrilled.

Kids- all three were home for 10 days. It was so great to have them all home. With all three at different schools and on different schedules, we don’t get much time “all of us” together. We had alot of fun, and since I am NOT a morning person, it was super groovy sleeping in past 6:15 for a change.

We were also able to throw together a yard sale, which we held last Friday and Saturday. It went well- we made $500 and cleared out most of the garage. Some dough and more space-it’s all good. We plan to use the money for tickets to NRH2O. It is one town over and only a quick 10 minute drive. We went several times last year, and obviously, we had a blast.

Knitting? No worries! I finished a pair that had been sitting for at least a year-bad juju! Good news is I only had to complete the second. These are beautiful…


I used Spunky Eclectic medium weight- I don’t remember the exact colorway, but it is terracotta with yellow, light blue and green. It is exactly like the STR medium weight, which I don’t think she is using any more. The pattern is mine- ribs and baby cables. The pattern was wicked easy. I plan to type out my scribbled notes and share it here on the blog.

Here are a couple more close-ups…



Since I finished one pair, I get to start a new pair. Yipee!! I started out with some heart cable socks in that red Comfort yarn (look back a few posts)- and I hate the yarn. Hate, hate, hate it. It splits horribly; so much so that I couldn’t even count stitches on the needle. Ugh!! Deep down I knew the acrylic would be a disaster. Frog!

I decided on the Nutkin pattern from Knitzi. The yarn is JKnits in the colorway Reno. Yummy! This is not only a stunning pattern, but it is stupid easy to follow. I didn’t need the pattern after 1 repeat (10 rows.)


Now I know I have knit about 40 pairs of socks, however, this is my first pair of socks with a short-row heel and toe. I wasn’t looking forward to knitting the heel, but it turned out just fine. I think it is much easier than a turned heel and lots less steps to go through. It must use less yarn too. Hmmm…Anyway, the toe is also decreased with short-rows. Looking forward to seeing how that actually works out. Also, the short-rows create a flap that lies on top of the toe, so you end up binding off with three needles instead of tired old kitchener stitch.


In case you were wondering, I do knit things other than socks. I knit this bookmark for my Harry Potter books. I am currently reading them (and knitting along) with a group from Ravelry, and I decided that I needed a nice bookmark.


I think it needs a little something, so I am planning a visit to Auntie’s Beads, which is right here in downtown Grapevine. The bookmark needs beads, ribbon, charm…something. I will post another pic when I get it all done.

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Friday, March 7, 2008

Snow in March!

I can’t believe it snowed yesterday. It’s been crazy weather here. We had snow last week, then a balmy lovely weekend, then snow again. Hmmm. I wonder if Mother Nature is miffed with us.


Needless to say, I hope it is over and we can get back to warmer weather.

Horcrux socks complete! I can’t believe it took me two weeks to finish them, but I just didn’t have the time to knit this past week. Darn kids are keeping me busy!


This was a great pair of socks to knit! I love the pattern and they fit wonderfully. I used Cherry Tree Hill and I really like it alot. Can you see the smokey black ring that swirls around the foot?? Love them! I recommend this pattern to anyone at any level(super easy lace) and I plan to make another pair for…


Cam! He liked them too!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Socks, socks, more socks!and a little road trip…

It’s been a prolific week! I have been knitting socks like crazy-can you say manic??? I knit socks when I am really busy probably because they are easy to transport and pick up and knit anywhere.


Here are the Berry Season socks from 2-at-a-Time Socks in Socks that Rock. What can I say??? I love this yarn. Funny, but I used to smirk when knitters would gush about STR. Naughty me! When I have knitted up more of my sock yarn, then I will surely buy more of the STR. However, I think I will get the lightweight next time- I do live in Texas, afterall. About the pattern…good pattern, however, because I have silly skinny ankles, the cuff doesn’t fit too well. In fact, I rolled the top down because it bells on me. For those out there who have a fuller ankle and calf, the pattern will be fine. The pattern calls for sport weight and a size 4 needle! I used medium weight STR, which is Dk, and size 3 circs.

As soon as those were off the needles and on my feet, I cast on Horcrux Socks by Susan Pierce Lawrence.


This pattern is fun! I am a huge Harry Potter fan, so this pattern appealed to me for that reason first, but I also liked it because I have been hoarding some Cherry Tree Hill in Moody Blues. This yarn is a perfect match for this pattern. It is a lovely shade of deep blue with a deep greenish black that swirls around the leg. Love it!! I think Harry would approve!

Here is a better pic of the lightning bolt as modeled by the gold candle on my coffee-table…


As you can see, the first sock is done and I am working on the second.


I really suggest this pattern for even the newest of sock knitters. It is a very easy lace pattern with only 15 lines of lace. Before you know it, you are working the heel. I think this is a pattern I will do again, however, I will use size 2 needles for the ribbing and change over to size 1 needles for the lace section. This is a really, really stretchy sock and with my skinny ankles, that is an issue.

Last friday hubby took the day off and treated me to a little road trip! Yeeha! I adore my hubby! He took me to Dallas to the Shabby Sheep. It is the cutest little storehouse- right in the middle of the city. What they lack in sqaure footage, they make up in customer service and fiber! I could have really gone crazy in there, but hubby helped reign in my enthusiasm just a tad. This is what I ended up buying…


Left to right: Comfort sock in True Red, Schaefer Anne Sock fingering, Panda Cotton (Bamboo/Cotton/Elastic) in Stawberries and Lime

Yummy! The red Comfort sock I plan to use for the Be Mine socks in 2-at-a-Time Socks. They have heart cables down the front of the socks. I know, they are almost too cutsie! The Panda Cotton I plan to make a plain pair of anklets. The Anne is such luscious yarn that I have decided to make a shawl or lacy scarf out of it.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Socks that rock!

First, let me start with- I finished the boring green socks. Yippee!!!


While these were terribly, horribly boring to knit, I will admit that I really like them. They fit great and match my Lopi sweater perfectly. Also, I didn’t try to, but somehow they match up perfectly in the stripe sequence. You can’t really tell in the pic, but they are perfect. No, I didn’t try to do that. If I had actually tried to match up the stripe sequence, they would have looked all wonky.

With the boring green pair out of the way, I was left with the need to fill sock needles. I got this book 2 at a Time Socks


Great book! I love at least 5 of the patterns. The pattern I chose to make first is Berry Season. I am making them with Socks that Rock in Dutch Canyon on size 3 circs. The book teaches yet another way to work 2 socks on 2 circs, but the patterns can be adapted to regular dpns or one sock at a time. I am making mine one at a time because my yarn was already wound into one big ball. Yes! I am too lazy to make it into two balls. It is a super quick knit and in one evening of knitting this is what I had…


Wow! What a sock. Something was amis, though. I had that little niggling feeling that something wasn’t quite right, but I could not figure out what it was till I started decreasing the toe. Well, I was knitting my gusset decreases while watching a Jackie Chan movie with subtitles. Needless to say, I was a little distracted and didn’t decrease enough stitches- like 4…on each side!!! The bootom of the foot was huge and since I have notoriously narrow feet…


Double rats!!! It’s a good thing I really fell in love with both this pattern and yarn. Here is where I am now.


One sock is completed and I have just completed the gusset decreases. I am in the home stretch. What a feeling!

I want to add that this is my first experience with STR. In fact, it has been sitting in my stash for so long that I can’t even remember when I got it or from whom. Doesn’t matter, though. Now, I have used it and see what all the fuss is about. This yarn has a lovely sheen and the colors explode. It knits beautifully.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New look!

Well, what do you think of the new blog theme?? It’s so different from my old one that I have decided to give it a chance to grow on me before I make my final decision. Perhaps I will go to a white background??? I do like the simplicity of the new banner very much. The reason I decided to change it was it just seemed fitting. The old theme fit my life in Maine-remember the pine trees?? Please feel free to tell me what you think-after all, you have to look at it.

WhooHoo!!! My last post inspired me to finish the Autumn in Oregon socks!!! Good grief, but what a relief! They are stunning! This pattern is not for the faint of heart, though. The cuff is worked flat, then you sew it in a tube and pick up stitches around to start the leg. The leg has a falling leaves lace pattern on the front and the back is falling raindrops. The front is an 18 row pattern repeat and the back is a 7 row pattern repeat. Needless to say, I kept track by writing the numbers for each row next to each other and ticking them off one at a time…maybe that’s why it felt like it drug on and on and on…


I always have socks on the needles- they are great mindless knitting projects that are portable. Sometimes I have several going at once. An easy pair that is ridiculous easy knitting-you know, the kind you can watch tv , listen to the kids at the same time and never miss a beat/I mean stitch. Also, I usually have a more “meaty” pair on needles- like the pair you see pictured above. Well, you know that if one pair is done, then I absolutely must start a new pair. So, off I go to dig through my stash of sock yarn and much to my surprise I found another nearly finished pair.


This pair is from over a year ago-so long ago that I can’t remember when I worked on them. They are painfully dull, but a pretty color. I believe I started this pair to go with a Lopi sweater I made a couple years ago. Anyways, I decided to be a “good girl” for a change and finish them. What I really wanted to do was grab that delicious cake of Socks that Rock I have been hoarding! Now, back to that pair of green socks- One is, obviously, completed. The other is to the heel. This pair has no pattern. I just did it, which may be a problem…hehe!

I had a headache this morning and finally decided to watch a movie I have been dying to see. Tom and I love to watch movies and every once in awile we find one that truely delivers. It’s called Once and is filmed in Dublin. The two main characters are musicians. She is classical and he is phenominal. If you like Indie movies or music-this is well worth a look. If your interest is even mildly peaked, then go here to watch a trailer and hear one if the movies fab tracks. I liked this sooooo much that I bought the entire album from itunes as soon as I finished watching the movie.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

So, you want to know what I am knittin? Right now I have two projects on the needles. One has been languishing on the needles for at least a year now. Bad Juju!


These are the Autumn in Oregon socks by Chrissy Gardiner. They are seriously cute, and I have a mere two repeats of the lace pattern to finish the toe of the second sock. So- what’s the problem? I suppose that I am sick of the charts. The sock has a leaf chart for the cuff, then a different lace pattern for the front and back of the sock. There are only 36 rows left to knit, so I guess I’ll have to pour myself a drink and dig in.

My other project is the Sonnet from Knitty. Love, love, love this pattern. It is cute, quick, and can be made up in a variety of yarns. I chose Peruvia in a purple heather. p2060343.JPG
I know, it is really not a color I have ever knit with; however, I was pretty limited in color choice at LYS. Red and gold were my other two choices and neither looks good on me. The only glitch was the pattern did not specify yardage, so I guessed 6 and had them hold 2 more for me. What you see in the pic has used 2 1/2 skeins. I am all the way around to the left front, so I think 6 will be more than enough. In case you’re wondering- it is wrinkled because my beloved cats like to nap on it!!!

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Friday was a good day. I ventured into a yarn shop for the first time in 5 months. I know, I know! You are down right stunned that any real knitter could actually stay away from all that fiber goodness for that long. Not only did I stay away for 5 months, but I also abstained from yarn purchases for that duration! The last thing I bought was some misti alpaca for the Mystery Shawl 3…Oh, so long ago.

Well, making a fresh start here got the blood flowing again, so… I decided that a trip to the LYS was in order. Inspiration was what I needed. It was kinda hard to make a decision, because everything looked and felt, and yes- smelled, fabulous. In the end I bought some sock yarn. There were two new ones- ok, they may not be new to everyone else- Happy Socks by Plymouth and Comfort Sock by Berroco. The Happy Socks yarn is nice and really reminds me of the Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn, both in color variegation and yarn texture. There is no creative colorway name, however, just a number. Dull! Did I mention cheap??? At a mere $6 a skein for 197 yards, I suppose I can forgive them for not taking 5 minutes to give the skeins a cute and catchy name. The Comfort Sock is sort of cool- please note lack of enthusiasm here. Seeing as I live in TEXAS and it is usually hotter than heck, a sock blend that does not include wool is unique. It is acrylic and cotton. Not sure how the acrylic will be…I always thought that it would not breathe- and who wants sweaty feet??? I am rambling now, but for all my doubts about the Comfort Sock, I can say that it is dreamy soft. Oh, It is also pretty cheap at $7 for over 400 yards.


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