Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New look!

Well, what do you think of the new blog theme?? It’s so different from my old one that I have decided to give it a chance to grow on me before I make my final decision. Perhaps I will go to a white background??? I do like the simplicity of the new banner very much. The reason I decided to change it was it just seemed fitting. The old theme fit my life in Maine-remember the pine trees?? Please feel free to tell me what you think-after all, you have to look at it.

WhooHoo!!! My last post inspired me to finish the Autumn in Oregon socks!!! Good grief, but what a relief! They are stunning! This pattern is not for the faint of heart, though. The cuff is worked flat, then you sew it in a tube and pick up stitches around to start the leg. The leg has a falling leaves lace pattern on the front and the back is falling raindrops. The front is an 18 row pattern repeat and the back is a 7 row pattern repeat. Needless to say, I kept track by writing the numbers for each row next to each other and ticking them off one at a time…maybe that’s why it felt like it drug on and on and on…


I always have socks on the needles- they are great mindless knitting projects that are portable. Sometimes I have several going at once. An easy pair that is ridiculous easy knitting-you know, the kind you can watch tv , listen to the kids at the same time and never miss a beat/I mean stitch. Also, I usually have a more “meaty” pair on needles- like the pair you see pictured above. Well, you know that if one pair is done, then I absolutely must start a new pair. So, off I go to dig through my stash of sock yarn and much to my surprise I found another nearly finished pair.


This pair is from over a year ago-so long ago that I can’t remember when I worked on them. They are painfully dull, but a pretty color. I believe I started this pair to go with a Lopi sweater I made a couple years ago. Anyways, I decided to be a “good girl” for a change and finish them. What I really wanted to do was grab that delicious cake of Socks that Rock I have been hoarding! Now, back to that pair of green socks- One is, obviously, completed. The other is to the heel. This pair has no pattern. I just did it, which may be a problem…hehe!

I had a headache this morning and finally decided to watch a movie I have been dying to see. Tom and I love to watch movies and every once in awile we find one that truely delivers. It’s called Once and is filmed in Dublin. The two main characters are musicians. She is classical and he is phenominal. If you like Indie movies or music-this is well worth a look. If your interest is even mildly peaked, then go here to watch a trailer and hear one if the movies fab tracks. I liked this sooooo much that I bought the entire album from itunes as soon as I finished watching the movie.

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  1. Hey! I do like the new look. I usually don’t like the black background blogs, esp if they have blue or brown text (something to do with being 46??), but the gray background and white text is very readable. Also love your daisy colors. If you can change this field, you might… the email line is in yellow, and it’s really really REALLY hard to see that you’ve typed anything in it, because the text is white. What georgeous socks! I find mittens easy no brainers. And I find socks to take so long, not hard, but I have a hard time finishing them. Also have some STR I’ve been hoarding for some special sock project. At least one that moves me! I listened to that soundtrack… have heard it on the radio and thought it was Cat Stevens!

    Comment by lisa — February 12, 2008 @ 8:32 pm

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