Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Socks, socks, more socks!and a little road trip…

It’s been a prolific week! I have been knitting socks like crazy-can you say manic??? I knit socks when I am really busy probably because they are easy to transport and pick up and knit anywhere.


Here are the Berry Season socks from 2-at-a-Time Socks in Socks that Rock. What can I say??? I love this yarn. Funny, but I used to smirk when knitters would gush about STR. Naughty me! When I have knitted up more of my sock yarn, then I will surely buy more of the STR. However, I think I will get the lightweight next time- I do live in Texas, afterall. About the pattern…good pattern, however, because I have silly skinny ankles, the cuff doesn’t fit too well. In fact, I rolled the top down because it bells on me. For those out there who have a fuller ankle and calf, the pattern will be fine. The pattern calls for sport weight and a size 4 needle! I used medium weight STR, which is Dk, and size 3 circs.

As soon as those were off the needles and on my feet, I cast on Horcrux Socks by Susan Pierce Lawrence.


This pattern is fun! I am a huge Harry Potter fan, so this pattern appealed to me for that reason first, but I also liked it because I have been hoarding some Cherry Tree Hill in Moody Blues. This yarn is a perfect match for this pattern. It is a lovely shade of deep blue with a deep greenish black that swirls around the leg. Love it!! I think Harry would approve!

Here is a better pic of the lightning bolt as modeled by the gold candle on my coffee-table…


As you can see, the first sock is done and I am working on the second.


I really suggest this pattern for even the newest of sock knitters. It is a very easy lace pattern with only 15 lines of lace. Before you know it, you are working the heel. I think this is a pattern I will do again, however, I will use size 2 needles for the ribbing and change over to size 1 needles for the lace section. This is a really, really stretchy sock and with my skinny ankles, that is an issue.

Last friday hubby took the day off and treated me to a little road trip! Yeeha! I adore my hubby! He took me to Dallas to the Shabby Sheep. It is the cutest little storehouse- right in the middle of the city. What they lack in sqaure footage, they make up in customer service and fiber! I could have really gone crazy in there, but hubby helped reign in my enthusiasm just a tad. This is what I ended up buying…


Left to right: Comfort sock in True Red, Schaefer Anne Sock fingering, Panda Cotton (Bamboo/Cotton/Elastic) in Stawberries and Lime

Yummy! The red Comfort sock I plan to use for the Be Mine socks in 2-at-a-Time Socks. They have heart cables down the front of the socks. I know, they are almost too cutsie! The Panda Cotton I plan to make a plain pair of anklets. The Anne is such luscious yarn that I have decided to make a shawl or lacy scarf out of it.

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  1. Yes… yes… I do seem to remember you not saying much exciting or kind about str… now look at you! I’ve been hoarding a skein, wondering what to make with it (I have a few ideas, just not so much time)… all your socks here are stunning!

    Comment by lisa — February 26, 2008 @ 7:49 pm

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